Creative Fibre NZ Festival 2019 – Part One

Some of us ventured to Palmerston North to enjoy this biennial event.

Before we even got in the door there was this –
and what would our members do if they walked in to be welcomed by a row of empty chairs and spinning wheels? Sit down and spin, of course.

The Exhibition, as usual, was full of colour,


exquisite skill

and even cuteness.

The Fashion Parade included interesting garments seen at previous Festivals, for this was the 50th anniversary year! We got to see them displayed the next day

Among the current year’s entries, this multiple prizewinner was stunning on the catwalk but sad in the display. The strip of white around the hips shouldn’t be there – it’s the bottom part of the dress form showing through.

Here is a striking outfit from the group challenge –

And that’s all from me, Mary, but it’s not all that went on at the Festival. Janet will be along later with Part 2.


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