Tuesday Evening Group

Did you know that the Wairarapa Spinners and Weavers Guild has a group that meets on the first and third Tuesday evening each month? This is a small but dynamic group where one can learn new skills or just come along and chill.

Some of us spin, some knit and some of us just sit and chat. We have access to all the things that the day group has. Our extensive library, show and tell, raffles and when practicable, education sessions.

The Tuesday evening group was primarily for those of us who work, but many of the day group members enjoy the companionship of the night group.

There’s lots of laughter, the odd joke, sales table and plenty of advice. You take what you will as far as the advice is concerned.

Sorry, no photos as we have really only come back from the summer break.

Creative Fibre our national body was founded 50 years ago and we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year too. We have two challenges. The first is a Guild Challenge where each member is challenged to make an item of head wear for a new born. With over 80 members we hope to be able to donate at least 50 items to new borns in the Wairarapa.

The other is is simply ’50’. It can be 50 of anything as long as it is made from fibre that is animal or plant. It could be a piece of woven cloth with 50 warp threads, it could be a felted 5 and 0.

Here is a preview of what I am doing.

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