Upstairs, it’s all about weaving

At our Wednesday meeting, if you leave the spinning and knitting and crochet behind for a bit and go upstairs, you will find up to half a dozen weavers busy at their looms.

To many of us, who can only admire the results (like this intriguing fabric and two pincushions by Jutta) the processes of weaving are a bit of a mystery.
It often seems to start with a birdsnest. Jutta is coping well with this one.

Somehow, the weaver disentangles each warp thread and put it through the correct little loop on the correct set of wire heddles. Helen is concentrating.
A warp can be simple, like this one Liz is completing –

and still produce handsome results.
Then the weft – the threads that are to be woven across the long warp – has to be wound on shuttles ready for weaving. Helen has a handy gadget that speeds up the winding of miles of fine thread.

Here is the lovely fine fabric she is creating, with the little bobbin she was winding earlier fitted into a shuttle for smooth passage across the warp. She’s pointing out that there are always imperfections to be repaired afterwards.
Janeen has been experimenting with colours –

– the result is several bright, cosy wraps. When the weaving is finished and off the loom, of course, there is still work to do. Those ends may become a fringe, or be dealt with some other way.
Texture and pattern are combined in this piece by Jutta – see the zigzags?
Myra is new to weaving, but is making great progress. Getting those edges so straight is apparently not as easy as it looks.
There’s also a loom set up for visitors to experiment with. It’s popular with children, who enjoy experimenting with the patterns. Some of the results are hanging over the railing.

Helen took some of the visitor weaving home and created a braided rug, which looks just right in the nearby display of early shearer accommodation. (No prizes for guessing what the white thing is under that uncomfortable-looking bed.)

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