Merry Christmas 2018

Aren’t we the lucky ones! Not one but two Christmas functions. The first was a pot luck dinner held in The Woolshed Museum and the second a catered lunch at the Services Club in Masterton.

Lynette shared with us her stunning nativity. Lynettes-Nativity.jpg

Carol and Carl greeted us on arrival. Carol-and-Carl.jpgBetween main and dessert Trish had some of us up line dancing. Whew, I was pleased I was on camera duty. Lift those knees girls!

Line dancing

After dessert it was present time. Here Santa Win and Elf Herta discuss who was naughty and who was nice and how best to distribute the parcels. That’s a big bag of presents.

Win-and-Herta.jpgSuch a fun night.

Then a week later we had a very lively lunch at the Services Club in Masterton.

Lively gathering

Mary and Bev, just two of our hard-working group.Bev and Mary

And what do you do between courses?

Between coursesYou continue with those projects.

That’s 2018 over for Wairarapa Spinners and Weavers. We will be back early next year and will meet at various homes until we come back officially on Tuesday 5 of February at 7.00pm and Wednesday 6 February at 10am at The Woolshed.

Mary and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Travel Safe.

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