Lots to show

We’ve seen some beautiful and interesting things lately at our Wednesday meetings.

Members have made cosy items for young and old (summer will be over before we know it, and in fact sometimes it feels like it already is).

Helga’s exquisite silk spinning deserves a special mention.

We’ve had an AGM, at which this was the most interesting item of business (every agenda should include scones with jam and cream!)

At another meeting we saw some history: two very old and special sweaters. They were made in 1967, at a Wool Week in Wairoa which led to the formation of of our national body, which we now know as Creative Fibre. Two teams attempted a world fleece-to-garment record, and these are what they created.

The first was spun and knitted in the usual way. The other team used what we now know as kiwicraft. ‘Māori women devised a unique way of knitting yarn without spinning the wool first. Women working as fleece-os (gathering shorn wool) in shearing sheds would roll freshly shorn wool on their thighs and knit the resulting strands with needles made from fencing wire in a practice known as uruahipi’ (find out more at Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand).

For more about the very beginning of Creative Fibre, see the second and third pages of your 2019 Creative Fibre diary, and to see the actual sweaters, come to the April 2019 Creative Fibre Festival, where they will be on display.

Our last item was a mystery. Lynette brought this crochet she was working on and challenged us to guess what it was …

No, it’s not a scarf. Much too scratchy. It’s made from hemp …


What do you think it is?


Would you like a clue?


It’s for an animal.


Another clue?


The animal is a reptile.


But what will a reptile do with that?


Give up? We all did.


It will be a hammock for her granddaughter’s Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons are lizards native to Australia. This is what they look like.


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