Spin-in 2018

As always, it was a lot of fun.

The traders were a serious temptation –

(Yes, of course she bought it!)

There was plenty of colour as well as the naturals. Here are just a few of our wonderful traders –

(You may have recognised Tracy White and Yvonne Monk in the last two photos – a spin-in  wouldn’t be complete without them.)

It was a special treat to have Julie Van der Putten (Puddle and Quilt Works) come all the way from Cambridge.

As always, the Bring-and-buy was popular, with lots of books this time –
and some interesting plants –

Then some sheep arrived outside!
There were two Valais Blacknose rams (the ewes were all otherwise engaged, it being lambing time). The breed, which originated in Switzerland, is still very new to New Zealand – find out more about them here. They are reputed to be extremely friendly. Presumably this would never happen –

But back to the spin-in and the event many of us were eagerly anticipating, the talk by Richard and Elizabeth Ashford, come all the way from Ashburton. Their products are well known to most of us, but not the family’s history. Richard’s father Walter Ashford began selling kitset household items during the 1930s depression, when affordability mattered. We liked the photo of early product testing (yes, that is Richard on the rocking horse) –

There was much more, and we were happy to hear from Elizabeth that their succession planning will ensure continuity of supply in the future, including spare parts.

Elizabeth had one more job to do: she judged our two annual competitions. Here she is showing her choice for the Hugh Ackerley trophy for best use of colour, Trish’s much-admired rug –

And here is Lynette being announced as winner of the Joy Millar trophy for the best item made from wool and any other natural fibre –

Elizabeth seemed a little reluctant to take Lynette’s exquisite scarf off, and why is Richard on his knees?

A huge thankyou is owed to everyone who worked so hard to make the day a success!

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