Merino and other pretties

At the end of last month Hertha introduced us to the secrets of spinning Merino. She had some washed and flick-carded all ready for us – it was so beautiful and soft!

She stressed the importance of keeping the fibre’s natural elasticity.

We concentrated hard trying not to stretch it and to keep it soft and fluffy.

The same goes for plying.
Did you notice the Merino ram’s head on the top of her wheel by Derek Kerwood?

The session was popular and we had a bit of a squash in the little meeting room off the Fire Engine part of the museum.
But why is an underwear-clad man apparently doing a pole dance in the doorway?
He’s a model of a fireman, rushing down to answer an alarm in the vintage fire engine (which you can just see a bit of behind him).

Some of our members went to Dannevirke for a fascinating day of dyeing with natural dyes. These are Annelies’s amazing skeins

There were a lot of colourful things at our monthly show-and-tell, too.

We’ve been keeping Hertha rather busy!

She liked this intriguingly-constructed vest, with the finishing touch of a flower.

An unusual scarf was an effective use of natural fleece, making the most of the colour variation. Click on it to see it bigger.

Remember our work with natural fleece last year?
And how some of the participants couldn’t decide right away what to make with their skeins?

This yarn finally told its spinner what it wanted to be.


There were several nice rugs and blankets too –

spectacularly knitted …
… or beautifully woven.
Colours were delicate …

… or vibrant like this table runner.

This one was a special favourite:


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