Things are moving

The Wool Shed Museum has a new wing!  Just a year ago, we saw the building getting underway. Now it’s a handsome barn, and the tireless volunteers have been working long hours finishing the interior.

The Bushman’s Hut lost its walls

… and its sign

Its wall planks waited in their new home, meticulously labelled so that each could be put back in its proper place

Reassembling it in the new wing took a lot of measuring …

and serious discussion!

Eventually – success!

There was still plenty to do, with the grand opening coming up fast.

The diligent workers did enjoy a smoko occasionally. In the background is a farm cookhouse, and Scotty’s girlfriend was destined to be the cook.

Nearly ready for the great unveiling – this view is from the mezzanine, with old wool presses at back left and a model sheep in an ingenious shearing cradle. The steam engine on the right is a type that was once used a lot on farms, though this one is attached to a roller.

Time for the opening ceremony! The “ribbon” was of course a length of carded wool.

This is just a snippet of the crowd that gathered in the suddenly spacious  Wilton shed, one of the two old wool sheds moved to the site in 2003.

After a minimum of speech-making, the woolly “ribbon” was cut (with shears of course) by two very special people. (Above photo courtesy John MacGibbon)

Scotty was much admired in his kilt

while Darragh and Nita were quietly happy.
We are pleased to see two of our favourite Wool Shed people honoured.

Apart from that excitement, we’ve been fairly quiet.

The president and the librarian sorted the stuff in our storage cupboard (a job that seems to need doing rather often)

And here are the final results of our efforts at the Vintage Machinery day.

Fleece is now garments washed and ready to be worn by lucky little ones.


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