Garden time

In January we don’t have ‘proper’ meetings, but get together informally in members’ gardens on Wednesdays. This month has been extraordinarily hot, so generally we sought shade. At Christine’s there was a cool garage –

And a very special celebration for Lexie, who had turned 90 –

One recalcitrant candle refused to stay blown out, no matter what Lexie did!

The next Wednesday we went to Margaret B’s, where some of us settled under a tree –

while others took refuge on a terrace or indoors 

There was something walking on the wall – Eek! A weta!

For our non-Kiwi readers, a weta is a native New Zealand insect older than the dinosaurs, and one species (not this one) is the heaviest insect in the world.

There was no panic. She would have been pretty harmless even if she hadn’t been beautifully made of metal. Very rarely a weta may bite or scratch if threatened but they aren’t poisonous. They just look big, spiky and scary.

On the third Wednesday we went  to Lynette T’s, and again under the big trees was the place to be.

– even for the cars  (thanks Lynette for these two photos) –

Our last Garden Day was at Patrizia’s beautiful farm. Here are a few of us enjoying the shade (again) –

There was some serious talk and plenty of hilarity (this photo is by Christine) –

We were being watched, in a friendly kind of way –

Patrizia made some ice cream from her own eggs and cream, which was yummy. Some ate it elegantly, some didn’t.

It has been a wonderful January, and we thank the four members who have welcomed us to their homes!

And finally – this event looks like fun but what do you suppose it has to do with us? And why, do you think, have we suddenly become rather competitive, and even a bit secretive?

All will be revealed next time!

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