Fibre crafts new and old

A small but delightful selection of work was seen this month –

The Christmas decorations are by Shona and Helen B, the mat by Jutta and the little caterpillars exploring it were made  by Ann H. The prizewinning knitted hat on the right, by Helga, commemorates Passchendaele with a poppy and bullets, alongside green representing hope for peace.

Another day was declared “Heirloom Day” and everyone invited to bring an item of fibre or fabric craft made a long time ago, by the member or someone important to them. Particularly stunning was a quilt, hand stitched by the member’s grandfather around 1890. He belonged to the British Army band, and used material from old uniforms (plenty of red was available, from the drummers’ uniforms).

The range of embroidery was impressive, from a first effort at school (mine didn’t look like that!)

– to exquisite materpieces

and something very appropriate in the Wairarapa, where the farming tradition is strong –

There was gorgeous lace –

More lace and a doll imitating Marie Antoinette –

Another doll, with character, some impressive weaving and a lace-edged cloth –

Vintage tea cosies and jug covers brought back memories, and what a charming cross stitch picture –

Finally two very different baby hats –

There are so many treasures hidden away! We agreed that we must have another Heirloom Day next year.

We have been impressed by a success story. Early this year a gentleman came to our shop in the Wool Shed, bought some carded wool and arranged for one of our members to spin it for him. He wanted to learn to knit and make a man’s jersey. No, he wasn’t interested in starting on something easier. Taught by a knitter friend, he set to work. Purl proved hard, so he made a garter stitch jersey. It’s turned out well and is now on its way to England as a gift for his son, but he modelled it first.

He is delighted with it, and we are delighted for him.

Best wishes to everyone for the Christmas season,
and may all your projects turn out well!

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