Making and remembering – a blog of two parts

Would you believe it – this fancy scarf was woven on a rigid heddle loom!

Liz made it on an old 12-inch rigid heddle loom by Tekoteko (Philip Poore’s brand, who also made Pipy wheels). You can see the pattern better in this picture, and better still if you click twice on it to enlarge it as far as it will go.

The fibre is silk and yak, 2-ply, and the pattern is called Brooks Bouquet. If (like many of us) you have an underused rigid heddle loom, and if you would like to try it, just google “weave Brooks Bouquet” and you’ll find instructions and how-to videos.

If she isn’t proud of it, she should be! (Thank you to John MacGibbon for the photos.)

And for the second part of the blog, here is a very special picture –

We have lost both those precious members during 2017. Marie, who died early in the year,  was a life member of our guild, and a former president. And Doug no longer sits quietly during meetings, spinning or finishing off his weaving. We miss them both, with their cheery smiles and friendly chat.

In the picture they are cutting our 45th birthday cake! We had quite a big celebration, enjoyed by present and past members.

I wonder how we’ll celebrate our 50th year in 2018!

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