That was Quite Some Spin-in!

On the 2nd of September, people from far and near joined us for our annual Spin-in. Here are some of them –

There were many attractions, but nothing could top this one!

He was 10 days old and the smallest one of triplets. He didn’t have a name yet so a prize was offered for the best suggestion. Everybody wanted a cuddle.

The traders had lots of goodies – all sorts of yarns and fibres –

There might be a treasure in here –

and there were definitely some here

Colour everywhere, natural –

and brightly dyed

Here is a display of the creations made by some members who have been learning to work with raw fleece. As always, click the picture to see more detail.


More of our work was modelled in the fashion parade.

A strangely statuesque sheep photobombed a few of the photos – not sure where that came from.

Here is a gallery of the parade –
Click on a little picture to see it full size. Then you can click on one of  the arrows on either side of the photo to move forward or back. To return to this page, click on the little X in the top right corner.


And what about the lamb?

He went home with a full tummy and a new name – Pebbles.

8 thoughts on “That was Quite Some Spin-in!

  1. Margaret Baylis

    It was a wonderful day – huge thanks to the hard working committee and all the volunteers who worked so tirelessly to ensure the pleasure and success of the day. Only sad part was the very noticeable absence of Doug. Trish gave a short eulogy and his amazing rug was held up during the minute’s silence that followed. He will be missed by so many people. And then the food – so much and so good. Thank you everyone.


  2. MelsNattyKnits

    Some beautiful creations Mary. It’s interesting to see most of your members modelled garments as opposed to our members who modelled mainly scarves and shawls. Very indicative of the different weather conditions between NZ and Brisbane. Ironically we did have some feedback requesting more handmade garments should be modelled so we’ll have to think about making more. We are re-branding our Open Day next year with a new name! Lovely to see you in a couple of the pictures 🙂


  3. Trish Carver

    Was a great day. Everyone worked so hard to make it the success it was. Thankyou one and all. The Grandchildren play such an important part


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