Sorrow – R.I.P. Doug Barrett

The last month or two have been a difficult time for our Guild. You’d need the fingers of both hands to count the illnesses, operations, and painful accidents members have had. At last Wednesday’s meeting two of the casualties had a leg up on a second chair. Get well wishes to all!

But a few days ago, real tragedy struck. Our very special Doug, whose beautiful weaving we last showed you in June, has died after a heart attack.

We loved to have him sitting quietly in a corner, finishing off a rug or spinning miles of yarn on his electric spinner, and sometimes chatting with his wry humour. He would arrive in his elderly ute* (with a bicycle attached to the back in case the ute broke down) often bringing a rug that he’d just finished for us to see. He was ridiculously modest, and never satisfied with what he’d made. He kept out of the way of cameras so this poor photo is almost the only one we’ve got.


We spent a delightful Garden Day at his home in January.



In the last few weeks he had been making a very special rug for the Guild, which will be displayed at future events. We marked his passing at our Spin-in yesterday, and three of his fellow weavers carried it in and set it up on the stage for all to admire.

We’ll miss him, as will the Upper Hutt Guild; he belonged there too. Out sincere sympathy goes out to Mary and the family.

And what about the Spin-in? How did that go? We’ll show you soon. Meanwhile, here are a few more pictures of Doug and his work.

Doug happy to see the MacGibbon cat enjoying his weaving at a garden day in January 2016

Diamond rug winning the “Best Use of Colour” trophy at our 2016 spin-in

Crazy paving in wool

*For our North American readers, a ute in New Zealand is what you’d call a pickup.

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