Looking ahead – and back

Our spin-in is on Saturday 2nd of September!

Our annual spin-in is the big highlight of our year. Crowds from close by and further away enjoy shopping, food, a fashion parade, activities, food, raffles, and did I mention food?

We’re holding it in the same place as last year. There doesn’t seem to have been any progress with earthquake-strengthening the Masterton Town Hall, but Wairarapa College is an excellent venue and we are happy to be going back there.

Do come if you are nearby! Here are the details:

Poster – a printable version

How to find us

Parking and access

Meanwhile, Lorraine and Tracy have completed the spinning stage of our start-with-raw-fleece project. Like the other participants they are thrilled with the colours. What will these lovely yarns become, I wonder? We’ll find out when the finished items are displayed at the spin-in!

Jutta has been learning the very ancient craft of tablet-weaving. It’s so ancient that sets of tablets, one with weaving still in progress, were found in the Viking ship-burial at Oseberg in Norway, dating from 834AD.

And here are some of the colourful things on our show-and-tell table this month.


2 thoughts on “Looking ahead – and back

  1. Lesley Shalders

    Could you tell me if there are any jerseys for sale please? I have purchased a few from you in the past and love them. Many thanks.


    1. maryinnz Post author

      I wouldn’t count on it, I’m afraid – Spin-in traders will mostly be selling stuff for crafters to make their own things. If you want to knit a jersey yourself, you would probably find some lovely yarn! To buy a finished jersey, it would be better to go to our shop in the Wool Shed Museum in Dixon St Masterton, any day between 10 and 4. That’s where our members sell their creations. Some may also accept orders, if there’s nothing ready-made that’s exactly what you want.



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