Lovely things and a very welcome visitor

At the show and tell this month, everyone’s attention was caught by Doug’s stunning wall hanging, which won the Irma Levick trophy for weaving.

Each element has significance – notice the dove of peace in the top left, and the little koru at the base setting it in New Zealand. The photograph doesn’t do it justice. You can’t even see the little beads which add to the effect.

The Cherry Hopkins trophy was won by one of Josie’s two charming children’s sweaters, and note also the lovely skeins by Margaret and the vest which Jutta made with many difficulties for her husband to wear in his workshop. He insists on saving it for best, and who can blame him!

And yesterday who should walk in the door but Stacey Craig and her family! They live in Oklahoma, but back in 2011 they spent a year in Masterton. Glenn, a doctor, worked at the local hospital, Twins Beth and Katy were fascinated by spinning wheels and received one for Christmas.  And Stacey –  well, Stacey became a guild member and a spinner! She even wrote a little book on what they all learned about sheep and wool and spinning!

Here are two pages of Stacey’s beautifully-illustrated book – do click on it to see it properly! – on the right, she is being presented with a rug we all made when they left. She’s the one in the bright pink top.

It was wonderful to see them all again, and even more wonderful to hear that they are looking into the possibility of moving to New Zealand! Meanwhile, they all, and a young friend travelling with them, enjoyed a shearing demonstration at the Wool Shed.

We hope we’ll see a lot more of you soon!


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