We’ve been busy

Our workshop in late March was about preparing fleece wool – it’s remarkable how many spinners these days have worked only with ready-carded or combed wool. There was real enthusiasm to find out about fleece and flick-carding. We’ll be doing more of this.

We had a great show-and-tell this month.

This is Helga’s crochet mushroom (or is it a toadstool?) with its very own sheep –

The Ambulance people are very pleased with our comfort dolls, which are a real help to children in difficult circumstances. So we are making more.

The new building at the Wool Shed is well on the way.

See the little doorway on the right? That will lead to a storage area, and some of it will be ours!

There are a couple of new books  in our library:

Yarnitecture – a knitter’s guide to spinning, by Jillian Moreno

The first thing that strikes a reader is the wonderful photographs. Moreno starts from the basics with different fibres and preparations (there’s nothing about preparing it yourself by hand though; she admits the results are glorious but says it’s not her thing). She goes through the spinning process with clear explanations. Then comes the chapter on colour, which is an eye-opener – the effects you can get with combinations of different colours are an inspiration. She discusses knitting with your handspun. and the book closes with a dozen patterns. Highly recommended for its detail, clarity and superb illustrations.

Knitting for the Outdoors – Merino handknits for active kiwis, by Gillian Whalley-Torckler

Tracy has been reading this, and comments that it is not intended for users of handspun; each pattern is written for a specific commercial yarn. She likes the wide variety of patterns, and finds them well illustrated and easy to follow. The author worked with the manufacturers, and there is a list with details of each yarn and its maker’s website. All the yarns are blends of merino with silk and/or synthetics, presumably for durability.

Last of all, some news. Our annual shop in downtown Masterton will open on Monday 22 May and close on Saturday  10 June. As usual it will be in Queen Street, this year in a lovely shop opposite the Food for Thought cafe. (Convenient or what!)
Members have been working hard and there will be wonderful creations to buy.


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