Cuteness in March

Some of us have been very busy making little Comfort Dolls for the Masterton Branch of the Wellington Free Ambulance, to give to children at unhappy times. Here are some of them :

Comfort dolls

A pile of cute

The pattern is basically a simple rectangle, and the doll takes shape in the finishing. There are any number of “comfort doll” patterns and pictures on the internet – click on Comfort Doll for a PDF file of the one we are using.

In our monthly show-and-tell, there was more cute – we were enchanted by the litle top Helen B spun, knitted and embellished for her one-year-old great granddaughter.

Embellished top

Another cute

Helen didn’t stop there. She needle-felted a minuscule teddy, who now adorns her spinning wheel.

Cutest of all? This picture is just about life-size.

There was something else, not exactly cute but stunning – Hugh had given Jutta some of the amazing yarns he felts from combinations of leftovers. She wove a wall hanging, and presented it to him. Kindness coming back with interest!

Wall hanging

Hugh was delighted with his gift

Lastly, some news for all our friends. Our Spin-in this year will be held on Saturday 2 September, in the Wairarapa College Hall. There will be more spin-in updates later. We’d love to see you there!


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