Another farewell, and making things for others

We’ve had to say another sad goodbye. Irene is moving away from the Wairarapa. She has been an active member of the Guild for a lot of years and we’ll miss her. So we made her a rug –

Very best wishes for your new life, Irene. Come back and see us sometimes!

hstsonheadsMany of our members do quite a lot of charity knitting, most often items for babies and children. One of our favourite causes is “Hats on Heads” – hand knitted pure wool beanie hats for babies delivered by caesarian in Wairarapa Hospital. These babies are born into the chilly atmosphere of the operating theatre (kept at 16 degrees celsius) rather then the much cosier maternity unit. The family choose a hat beforehand and when the baby is born the little hat is put on his or her head against the cold.

Here are our latest creations, off to the hospital (Shona’s stunning jacket just happened to be in the background) –

We always receive a heartfelt thankyou from Kate, who organises the appeal. Last time she included a photograph of Baby Oliver (who has a beautiful blue hat chosen by his sister) posing among all the hats we had made.

You’ll notice some that were knitted with Christmas babies in mind, a pair for possible twins, and someone even got carried away and made booties too.

spinoffWhile we’re on the subject of good causes, SpinOff is not able to return the beautiful and unique yarns sent by readers, so they are used for charity purposes. The newly-arrived Spring 2016 issue (vol.40 no.1) points this out. The overarching theme of the issue is “Arts and Crafts” but the interpretation was very liberal as the editor decided that spinning could be an art, a craft, or even a philosophy such as the one to which William Morris subscribed. Spinners who are also embroiderers will have much to enjoy, as three of the articles are devoted to embroidery. The first is about the William Morris tapestries with which he furnished his home (Tapestry as in the Bayeaux sense, being embroidered wall hangings rather than pictorial woven works). The second is how to spin woollen embroidery thread and the third an embroidery project.

There is also a trio of articles on carding and blending for people who like to design their own spinning fibres. All other articles are on single topics covering spinning wheels, spinning silk and camel, knitting and weaving projects. To tie up all the interpretations of arts and crafts readers were asked to spin a thread that illustrated the Arts and Crafts philosophy of things being useful, beautiful or both.
Thanks for the review Liz!


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