Up the garden path, and a new (old) book

In January (the long summer holiday month here in New Zealand) we don’t hold meetings. Instead we sit around in each other’s gardens – it’s very relaxed and enjoyable.

Here is a little photo essay about what we did this January.


On the first Wednesday we went further afield than usual, to Liz’s home in the charming town of Martinborough – famous for its fine wines, but we resisted that temptation.

In Liz's garden

Instead we enjoyed Liz and John’s pleasant garden (photo by John McGibbon) –

with cat

– and the family cat rather enjoyed Doug’s weaving,

At Marion's

The following Wednesday we invaded Marion’s wonderful garden.


There was an added attraction: steaming dyepots!

With dyed skeins

Some of the dyers seemed fairly pleased with their results (picture by Trish).

At Josie's

Our third visit was to Josie’s.

Swedish Blue ducks

Josie has prizewinning poultry, including these charming Swedish Blue ducks –

Rhode Island Red rooster

– and an imposing Rhode Island Red rooster.

Unfortunately on the last Wednesday of the month, when we had planned to startle the citizens of Masterton by spinning in the park, it rained. So we crossed the road to the Wool Shed instead.

imagesOur Guild library has some interesting new books (new to us that is) kindly donated by Lynda Goodall. One is The Complete Spinning Book by Candace Crockett – and “complete” is the operative word. It was published in 1977, but even after all these years it’s very useful.  Whatever you want to know about spinning, you will find something about it here, from spindles in history and around the world, different types of spinning wheels, useful instructions on techniques, different fibres … even how to make a simple spinning wheel. Explanations are not “in depth” but it will answer many questions.

More on some of the other books next time.


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