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Here are reviews from Liz of three magazines that have just arrived. Thanks Liz!

coverYM25We are stars! Mary Knox has written an article about wool related activities in the Wairarapa for the Winter 2015 (No. 25) issue of Yarnmaker. Topics covered are Golden Shears, the Woolshed and the Guild. It is accompanied by Mary’s usual high standard of photography. Read this issue to see if you and which of your friends are pictured. The British and Scandinavian topics are interesting too, even though our chances of laying hands on their rare breeds and Icelandic products to experiment with are slim.

HWN_JF16Links-1_1Handwoven #178 (Jan/Feb 2016) features linen. Perhaps the Guild weavers could use the featured articles as jumping off points to make use of the linen stash that we recently received as a donation. Linen has a reputation as being difficult to work with so having some freebies to try out techniques with should encourage experimentation as linen is horrendously expensive to buy in New Zealand.

SPO_Winter2016Spin-Off Vol. XXXIX no.4 (Winter 2016) features the luxury fibres, cashmere, alpaca camel and silk. The problem with luxury fibres is their high price. One way of making luxury fibres more affordable is to use small amounts as highlights with other fibres or to spin an ultra fine thread for a lacy garment. One of the featured craftswomen in this issue recommends supported spindle spinning to achieve the finest of yarns. An interesting article with some strange looking spindles. From luxury to penury. This issue has an article on what to look for if you are buying garments to unravel and re-knit or re-weave. Unravelling can be one way of purchasing luxury fibres that occasionally appear in designer second hand shops. Wool too. Many balls of wool are $10+ for 50 grams. I am rather glad of the plain wheels that we use at the Guild. I’m sure that having to spin opposite someone using these brightly coloured wheels that have been personalised by their owners would rapidly make one too dizzy to continue. However, they are charming to look at in a magazine. Please do. My choice is the little mouse on the old Ashford wheel that had been chewed by a live one.


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