A travelling suitcase and a sad goodbye

Nearly two years we added Saturday once-a-month meetings to our schedule. While never crowded, they are enjoyed by those who work on weekdays, and by some who just can’t resist another chance to get together and spin or knit. The 7th of December was special: the Travelling Suitcase lingered after its appearance at the Wednesday meeting, so that those who came on Saturday could enjoy it too.

The Travelling Suitcase is a little exhibition. Each year at the national Creative Fibre Festival there is a themed Challenge, and items from it are selected to travel the country for up to two years visiting all the affiliated groups. This year the theme was “something to keep your neck warm (but not a scarf).”

(Remember pictures will enlarge if you click on them)

Travelling Suitcase exhibition

An amazing variety of things other than scarves can be worn around the neck. And yes, they did all fit into that blue suitcase!

We gathered round to admire the creativity and workmanship, and we were proud that three of our members had items included.

Travelling Suitcase exhibition

Some felt wearing a rat around one’s neck is a bit much. Or is it a fox?

The next Wednesday we were all invited to meet at Carol’s for a farewell. Carol was returning to her home in the US, and it was a lovely opportunity to say goodbye.

At Carol's

There was a lot of talk

At Carol's

… and even some knitting and spinning

Why does this blog always include pictures of food, I wonder?

Morning tea

… to say nothing of a wonderful morning tea.

Then things got a bit solemn.

A little presentation

A little presentation

We had been keeping a secret, and making squares for a blanket.


It’s all handspun, in natural colours


We think she liked it.

Carol, we wish you all the very best. We’ll miss you.


2 thoughts on “A travelling suitcase and a sad goodbye

  1. maryinnz Post author

    The blanket is lovely – and as the Yarn Harlot is wont to say, a knitted gift isn’t just knitting, it’s a container for love.
    I’ve just re-edited a couple of the photos, by the way.



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