A month in the life of our guild

November 2015 started with the news that five of our members did very well in the handcraft classes at the Wairarapa A&P Show. Phyllis took two trophies with her spinning and knitting –

phyllis's vest

This vest made from the fleece of a sptted sheep won Phyllis the Joan Phelps Trophy

phyllis's blanket

Her cot blanket with its cabled edge won the Black & Coloured Sheep Breeders’ Trophy


Beautiful work by several members

Show entries by several members

Marion won the points prize, and Liz, Lynette and Josie also won ribbons.

Next we were lucky to have a weekend of classes with Kathy McLauchlin, who taught us some of the interesting possibilities of plying on Saturday. On the Sunday it was silk, which took some concentration. That’s Kathy on the left.

Working with silk

Getting to grips with the subtleties of silk

Then came our AGM – you won’t want to hear about an AGM.

The next weekend a lot of us climbed into a minibus and about 4 cars and went to the Bush Spin-in at Woodville. It was well publicised and very well signposted

Tracy White, Inspire Fibres

Tracy White (Inspire Fibres) made sure everyone knew it was on


You could hardly get lost


At the spin-in

A quiet moment at the spin-in

Our members shopped and chatted, and enjoyed watching Trish and Josie tackle one-handed knitting!


Valiant one-handed efforts

Meanwhile work has been proceeding on the spinning display in the Wool Shed. We’ll show you more about that next time.

But I have to sneak in a few photos from the first of December, our Christmas party –


Of course there was food – this was only the first course


Some people found themselves dressed up as Christmas trees


Pat was voted the best decorated


Santa arrived, with a fluffy-winged fairy …


… and a basket of presents



Much hilarity was had by all.



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