Something’s going on in the Wool Shed

You know that little corner under the stairs? With a TV screen and a cupboard and a clutter of old spinning wheels?


It’s been tidied up a bit since that was taken.

And remember John MacGibbon taking photos of Patrizia and her spinning wheel the other week?


It’s all part of a plan. A few months ago John had the bright idea that there ought to be a display about spinning, and he noticed that the corner under the stairs wasn’t doing much. The Shear History Trust Board (which runs the Wool Shed) approved the idea, and donations have been promised which make it possible. One of them is from our Guild.

John has been working on displays, with input and pedantic nitpicking from me (Mary). There will be brief accounts of the ancient history of spinning and of spinning in New Zealand, a picture of a spinning wheel with the parts labelled, and examples of tools (niddynoddy, spindle etc). The whole thing should be colourful and interesting.

display mockup

Click to see it bigger (a second click will make it bigger still). This is just a mockup to give you the general idea – there are still many changes to be made. Labels for the tools must be written and ways of fixing them devised.

It feels right that there should be recognition of spinning and its history in the Wool Shed museum. It feels right too that our Guild, which has played quite a part in the museum’s development and in turn benefits from it, should be contributing.



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