John MacGibbon took some great photos last Wednesday, and he has kindly sent us some and allowed us to use them. So I thought you might like to see a selection. Click on a picture if you would like to see it bigger.

And look, I’ve learned how to put captions on photos!

Phyllis, Trish and Gloria

Phyllis, Trish Ca and Gloria (I wonder what Phyllis is whispering)

Betty D, Pat, Maria (obscured), Phyllis, Betty K

Betty D, Pat, Maria (obscured), Phyllis and Betty K being industrious

Trish Cu, Helga, Clare, Tracy

Trish Cu, Helga, Clare and Tracy in discussion

Bev, Ann H, Marion C, Mary K

Bev, Ann H, Marion C and Mary K (that spinning wheel still isn’t right)

Busy hands (Gloria's)

Busy hands (Gloria’s)

Annelies, Lil, Lynda, Josie

Annelies, Lil, Lynda and Josie – there’s always plenty to talk about


Helen and Ann H discussing Helen's weaving

Helen and Ann H discussing Helen’s weaving

Thanks John!



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