Things are happening —

Firstly here on the website, with new information added. There’s a lot more to come, and of course suggestions are always welcome.

Secondly, in the guild. We’ve started preparing for this year’s Spin-in, which will  be on Saturday 5 September! Remember what a wonderful crowd we had last year? And this is only some of the more than 200 —


A crowd like that eats a lot of morning and afternoon tea, and all our members are expected to contribute two plates of food. A few people have already done their baking and put it in the freezer! (They will make sure it’s completely thawed on the day, of course…)

There’s the fashion parade to think about too — have you made an item recently that could be modelled? And it would be great to have another lovely display like last year’s —


And what about the all-important traders? Several of our favourites have already told us they are coming, including Almo’s Books, Anna Gratton, and Newwood Alpacas and Carding (who are now also Majacraft agents). We’ll keep you posted!


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