What do you think?

It’s changed again — what do you think of it? And even more important, a question to our members — what do you want from your website? The latest Guild news, coming events, information about the Guild, other snippets… ?

Post with trish

Meanwhile here are a couple of photos from our recent downtown shop — and by the way, if you click on one you’ll see it bigger.

Our “yarn-bombed” post outside attracted a lot of attention (including some from a small dog, unfortunately). We also learned that the post itself was due for removal, but the powers that be kindly postponed the job.

In spite of all that, we are sure it was an attraction and a landmark for potential customers.

And below are some of the lovely things in the shop. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who made it such a success!

shopviewNow, do you want more of this kind of chitchat and pictures in your website? Or should it be strictly business?


4 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Helen

    I think it looks great Mary. If you keep the site up to date with hints, tips, news and guild business you should keep everyone happy.



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