Kapiti spin-in

We love to go to other groups’ spin-ins, and recently twelve of us piled into a mini-bus and went over the hill to the Kapiti spin-in. Some members came in cars, too, so we were well represented.

The first thing one notices is usually colour: the traders’ stalls are bright and inviting, whether selling dyes or fibre or yarn or accessories.

There were all sorts of goodies to tempt a fibrecrafter.

Husbands can be useful for holding purchases, and some are wonderfully encouraging.

There were demonstrations: corespinning –

bobbin lace –
and encaustic, a technique of painting with coloured wax and heat –
It dates back two thousand years to when the ancient Romans occupied Egypt, and can give beautiful results.

Here’s a display of Kapiti members’ work – they are very skilled people! Don’t you love the sheepdogs rounding up the flock on that rug!
Another display was wonderful dolls.

Some of our members got busy at the ‘hands-on’ table, learning things to do with bits of leftover felt.

Of course the raffles are always an attraction –
and three of our members won between them four of the raffle prizes!
They, and the rest of us, came home happy after an interesting day.

Anniversary Year Spin In Part 2

Did you see Mary’s post about our 2019 Spin In? If you didn’t, check it out below. There are lots of photos of the Fashion Parade and the two annual competitions- the Joy Millar Trophy and William Ackerley Plate.

What would a Spin In be without traders? Here is a slideshow of some of the traders, and of course some of the purchases.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the regular features of our Spin In is the activity table. This year was no exception. But, instead of teaching a skill we decided to make Twiddle Cloths for dementia patients at one of our local rest homes. Take a look at the work in progress.

A Spin In wouldn’t be complete without food and raffles. Our members came to the ‘party’ with the usual pumpkin and vegetable soup, yum. Here’s a few photos taken early on in the piece. I got a bit busy with other things and forgot about the food!

And take a look at some of the raffle prizes.  Thank you so much for your generosity in donating the wonderful prizes that you did, it is most appreciated.


Anniversary Year Spin-in

Remember all those bright yellow tufts that we worked so hard making? The golden colour was to mark our 50th anniversary, and everybody received one.

Of course there were all the wonderful temptations that we expect at a Spin-in, and our guests took full advantage! Here is a little sample.

This is just Spin-in Blog Part One, and  Janet will be along later to show you more of the traders and other delights. Meanwhile, here is a slide show of some items in the Fashion Parade. You can stop and start it by clicking on the little symbols near the bottom of each picture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last group of models was special. Part of our celebration, earlier in the year, was inviting members to make something involving the number 50, and some chose to make that many items – hats, gloves, scarves … So our fashion parade closed with Lynette presenting her daughter and grandchildren modelling a few of these.

We have two trophies that are awarded at our Spin-in each year. One honours Joy Millar, a long-time member who loved to spin wool blends, so it is awarded for an item combining wool and any other natural fibre(s).

Here are two of the entries – a wool/alpaca child’s jacket and a Polwarth wool/silk skein …

And here is this year’s winner Trish Carver with her amazing blanket:
It took her many months to spin, and over nine months to knit up. She used wool from several sources, and mohair and silk for the red squares. Her grandson is going to love it!

Also awarded was the plate donated by William Ackerley, for the item showing the best use of colour.
These were the wonderfully cheerful entries
and the winner was Helen Fielding with this intriguing weaving, which she says she uses to brighten up a long stretch of bare wall.

It was quite a day – lots of sore feet by the end but a good time was had by all.

Just a week to go …

… until Saturday the 7th – our Spin-in! Are you coming? There will be tempting traders (the list is here), amazing raffles, a fashion parade, yummy food (including our famous soup at lunchtime), and as always, lots of lovely people.

We’ve been very busy with preparations. Here are a few of them.

Why are we putting little yellow tufts on a spinning wheel? Because it’s a handy place to put them, of course. Spinning wheels have many uses! People have been diligently finishing up things for the fashion parade, too.

Can’t wait to see those worn!

And then there’s this – someone will win it. (But what is it?)

And finally, just so you don’t get lost, the poster and maps are here:
Poster: spin-in-2019-poster-1
How to find us in Masterton: masterton-map-new
The venue and where to park: waicol-access-2019-1


Spin In 2019 – counting down

What are these guild members doing so busily? Come and find out at the Spin-in!

Its just under four weeks to our Spin In. Planning is underway with a list of wonderful traders (see the Spin In 7 September post for the list). Members are fanatically finishing garments for the fashion parade, Trish #2 has some great raffles planned.

See you all on the 7 September!

Links to the poster and maps are below.

Spin In 7 September 2019

Its been a while since I last wrote, having had surgery on my right hand, that has made things like typing a bit of a challenge. Many thanks to Mary for keeping you all up to date with what has been going on.

I did think that after our 50 Celebrations, Pop-up Shop and the Creative Fibre Festival that we could have a rest. But no, the Guild is busy making garments to show at our fashion parade at our Spin in.

We find that Wairarapa College Hall is such a good venue that we are going back again this year. We have a wonderful array of confirmed traders…

  • Sue Grayson – Kaihi Wools
  • Sheena’s Sock ‘n’ Wool Company
  • Yvonne and Don Monk – Raydene
  • Lyn Evans – Earth Palette Dyes
  • Sara Thorburn – Kane Carding
  • Shona Harris
  • Patrizia Vieno
  • Tracy White – Inspire Fibres
  • Anna Gratton – Little Wool Company
  • Almo’s Books

Here’s a couple of photos from other years – just a teaser to show you what might be there.

So you know how to find us, maps are attached below.

See you on the 7th September 2019.

Things finished, and something to look forward to

Our pop-up shop in Masterton’s main street has now ended. It went well. Here are Lib and Lorraine on duty, making the most of a quiet moment. Was it a coincidence that they had used the same sweater pattern? Photo by Jutta.If you didn’t manage to get to the shop, don’t forget our members also sell their crafts in the shop at the Wool Shed Museum.

Now we start looking ahead to our Spin-in! It will be held on Saturday 7 September, in the Wairarapa College hall. More news soon!

Meanwhile, here is some eye candy – our members have been busy. Betty makes exquisite baby shawls.
Christine is knitting colourful socks.

Kath’s crochet rug is even brighter.

Mia needle-felted a very woolly little sheep (I think he’s one of those feral Merino breeds).

Some of the May show-and-tell table.

Lynley did some fine spinning, and asked Liz to make a wrap using it as weft –

and here is the result. The intriguing pattern is called Brooks Bouquet.

Jutta showed us her eye-catching weaving,

and she wasn’t very pleased with this scarf she’d been working on –

but Josie just loves it!


Do you remember the child’s sweater our team made in the Silver Spinning Wheel competition at Festival? Marion has now carefully washed it. Here is a before-and-after, which doesn’t show the change well –
and a closeup of a corner, so you can see how the stitches have fluffed up and settled in with each other:

A knitted garment isn’t finished till it’s washed!